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How to Apply Honda Touch-Up Paint

Honda Touch-Up Paint

We’ve all been there: a couple scratches, a ding from the grocery store parking lot. Accidents, small and large, happen all the time. Keeping your vehicle unscathed and looking fresh can be challenging.

The good news is, it’s a fix you can make yourself, with a little confidence, some guidance, and the right OEM products from Bernardi Parts.

With the Honda touch-up paint pen, you’ll be able to fix those annoying minor scratches with ease and, most importantly, keep your Honda looking brand new without breaking the bank.

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to ensure a good color match and quality application.

Find Your Honda Paint Code and Factory Code

When you’re repainting your vehicle, the most important step is to make sure you have the correct color paint. Luckily for you, Honda OEM paints will provide a perfect color match, and all Honda’s paint colors are available.

To find the paint code for your Honda, you’ll have to take a look at the VIN label. You’ll find it on the driver’s side door pillar, and it will look like this:

VIN label

The paint code for your vehicle is the portion in the red box, below:

paint color

Since each model will have a unique variation of the paint color, it’s important to select the right paint pen.

Having trouble finding the right touch-up paint? Reach out to our Honda parts and accessories experts for help.

How to Apply Your Honda Touch-Up Paint

Before beginning any project using Honda touch-up paint, there are a few things you should do to prepare:

  • Only use Honda touch-up paint if the temperature is over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Painting isn’t a winter chore - the paint won’t adhere or cure as well in colder weather.
  • Thoroughly wash the area that you’ll be painting. There’s no need for harsh chemicals or specialty cleaning products; soap and warm water will do, but be thorough! Any dust or dirt you leave behind will ruin the new paint.
  • If you recently waxed your vehicle, you’re gonna have to use a wax remover or degreaser before you can apply paint.
  • If you see any rust in the area you plan to paint, remove it using 220-grit sandpaper or a stiff wire brush. Once the area’s been cleared you also can apply a rust remover to prevent it from reoccurring or spreading. (A rust remover is a chemical solution that converts rust into a protective chemical barrier. They are sometimes also sold or marketed as “rust killers”.)
car scratch

Once you’ve completed the prep checklist, you’re ready to apply your Honda touch-up paint. Some tips to achieve a quality finish:

  • Apply the paint in multiple thin layers. This is the key to achieving a great looking paint job, as it allows you to build up the paint to the same depth as the surrounding areas.
  • Wait 10–20 minutes between each layer. Once the layers of paint match the depth of the surrounding area, let it cure overnight.
  • After the paint has thoroughly dried, you can also apply multiple layers of clearcoat. As with the touch-up paint, wait 10–20 minutes between each application. (Car care experts disagree on whether clearcoat is necessary. Because clearcoat usually is sprayed on, in most cases the area you’re touching up is too small for that application to be practical, or necessary.)
  • If you do apply clearcoat, you’ll have to let it cure for as long as 3 days. After you’ve allowed it to thoroughly dry you should use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to apply rubbing compound in circular strokes. Maintaining even pressure during application helps the rubbing compound blend in new paint with the existing coat.

Once complete, your Honda Touch Up Paint will have your vehicle looking good as new! For more helpful guides and tips on maintaining your Honda be sure to check out our comprehensive articles collection.

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