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Honda Accord Interior Accessories Guide

Honda Accord Interior Accessories Guide

As the benchmark for midsize sedans, the Honda Accord needs no introduction. As a frequent winner of top accolades like the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award, it is no secret why the Accord has had such a successful run. With its standard 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and impressive 33-mpg combined fuel-economy rating, the Accord reigns supreme among midsize sedans.

While Honda equips the Accord with everything that your sedan needs, there are always additional accessories that Honda offers that you might want. Here at Bernardi Parts, we have everything a Honda Accord could ever dream of when it comes to OEM accessories. While we offer both exterior and interior OEM add-ons, join us as we dive into the top interior OEM accessories that are a must-have for any Accord owner.

All Season Honda Floor Mats - High Wall

The Honda High Wall All Season Floor Mats ($172.38 $137.90) are a must-have accessory in your Honda Accord. The tough rubber material and extended sidewalls add superior protection for the Accord’s carpeting. With the extended sidewalls to trap dirt, mud, sand, water, and other road debris, these mats are easy to clean with just mild soap and water.

Honda Door Sill Trim - Illuminated

The Honda Illuminated Door Sill Trim ($309.15 $247.32) adds a finishing touch that is subtle, tasteful, and definitely upscale. It dresses up the interior of your Accord while helping protect the lower door sill from scuff marks. The white LED lights illuminate the outer perimeters of the Accord logo when the door is open.

Honda Trunk Tray

The Honda Trunk Tray ($148.18 $118.54) is a great accessory to have in your Accord Sedan. Its rugged thermoplastic rubber material offers long life and superior protection for the vehicle’s carpeting. Designed with a protective lip and ridges to trap debris, the Trunk Tray is easy to clean with just mild soap and water.

Honda Heated Steering Wheel

Take the chill out of cold weather commutes with the Honda Heated Steering Wheel ($425.30 $340.24). With just the push of a button make your driving experience a more comfortable and enjoyable one. Located on the bottom center of the steering wheel, the heating button can be activated when the ignition is switched on.

Finding Honda Accord Interior Accessories

Finding all the parts you need is easy with Bernardi Parts Honda. We have everything you need, whether you’re just looking for Honda Accord Interior Accessories or you need to replace a faulty OEM part.

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