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What Fluids does American Honda Recommend for my Honda?

What ENGINE OIL Should I Use in my Honda Vehicle?

To minimize risk, American Honda recommends that you always use Honda Genuine Engine Oil in your Honda vehicle. When Honda Genuine Engine Oil is unavailable, they recommend using an oil whose container displays the "API Certified Starburst". This certification indicates that it will provide superior performance in the areas of wear protection, sludge and deposit protection, oil life, extending the life of your emissions system. Please consult our Honda OEM Engine-oil table.

Honda OEM Transmission and other non-oil fluids

What OTHER FLUIDS are recommend for my Honda?

What other fluids does American Honda recommend for my Honda? Please consult our Honda Transmission and non-oil Fluids table

Honda OEM Transmission and other non-oil fluids

What Oil Weight Should I Use?

Engine oils are available in a number of weights or "viscosities". Please refer to Bernardi's Oil Chart or your owner's manual for the exact weight recommended by American Honda for your Honda vehicle. Your vehicle was designed to use a specific oil weight. To optimize fuel efficiency and engine life, always follow Honda's recommendation isfor oil weight.

The weight or viscosity of oil is labeled in the form "5W-20". This can be translated as follows:

  • 5W-20 - The first number in the oil weight refers to its cold weather viscosity. The lower the number, the thiner the oil will be and the easier it will flow at low temperatures. For example, a 5W-motor oil will flow better at lower temperatures than a 15W- motor oil.
  • 5W-20 - The "W" in motor oil stands for winter.
  • 5W-20 - The number following the "W" refers to hot weather viscosity, or how easy it will flow hot temperatures. The higher the number, the thicker the oil will be and the slower it will flow at high temperatures.

Using a heavier or lighter grade or viscosity oil than recommended by American Honda is not recommended.

  • Heavier Grade: Using a heavier grade engine oil than recommended may cause a decrease in your fuel economy, higher engine loads that can lead to a shortened engine life.
  • Lighter Grade: Using a lighter grade engine oil than recommended can cause excessive engine wear that can lead to a shortened engine life.

For maximum engine performance and life,

  • Use an oil that conforms to the viscosity that is recommended by American Honda.
  • Change your Honda's oil based upon the maintenance schedule that is in yourvehicle's owner's manual.

Should I use Synthetic, Synthetic Blend, or Conventional Oil in My Honda?

Synthetic, Synthetic Blend, or Conventional Oil can be used if it meets the requirements for your Honda vehicle:

  • it displays the Starburst symbol
  • Conforms to the weight grade recommended for your vehicle by American Honda

Regardless of the oil used, be sure to follow the oil and filter change intervals given in your Honda's maintenance schedule.

How often should I change my oil?

Refer to your owner's manual for the recommended service intervals. Your vehicle's owner's manual includes maintenance schedules for "normal service" and "severe service." Read the service descriptions carefully and follow the one that reflects your driving conditions.

Note that your oil should be changed at whichever time or distance interval occurs first. Do not exceed the recommended maintenance interval. Oil eventually deteriorates and loses its ability to protect your engine, due to heat, friction, and exposure to exhaust components. Engine damage can occur if the proper maintenance schedule is not followed.

Using a New Crush Washer with Oil Change

The "crush washer" must be replaced every time you change your motor oil. It fits between your oil pan and the drain plug. It is a one-time-use washer and should be replaced with a new washer with every oil change.

When the drain plug is tightened, the new washer "crushes" to form a very tight seal, thereby preventing motor oil leaks without overstressing the oil pan threads. If a crush Washer is re-used, it will not collapse further since it has already been crushed. This can lead to over-tightening the drain plug to get a tight fit - and possibly stripping the threads in the oil pan.

Does Honda Recommend Engine Oil Additives?

American Honda recommends using APE Certified engine oil and does not recommend using engine oil additives other than have not been blended into the oil when it was manufactured.

Does American Honda Recommend Periodic Engine Flushing?

American Honda strongly recommends against flushing of your Honda's oil system. Engine damage resulting from this procedure is not be covered by American Honda's warranty.

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