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What Fluids Should I Use In My Honda Automobile?

Review the infographic below to select the right non-engine fluids for your Honda automobile:
Antifreeze • Coolant • Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) • Rear Differential Fluid
Brake Fluid • Power Steering Fluid • Window Washer Fluid • Transfer Assembly Fluid
For Engine Oils, please refer to the Honda Engine Oil Chart

List of Honda transmission fluids and other non-engine oil fluids by Honda model and year

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MODEL TRIM 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Accord E-CVT Trans (Hybrid)
E-CVT Trans (Plug-in)
CVT 2nd Gen Trans
Transmission (XAT)
Civic CVT Trans (Hybrid)
CVT 2nd Gen Trans
Crosstour Rear Differential
CR-V CVT 2nd Gen Trans
Rear Differential
CR-Z CVT Transmission
Element Rear Differential
Fit CVT 2nd Gen Trans
HR-V CVT 2nd Gen Trans
Rear Differential
Insight CVT Transmission
Pilot Transmission (9 AT)
Rear Differential
Passport Transmission (9 AT)
Rear Differential
Ridgeline Rear Differential
Odyssey Transmission (XAT)
Transmission (9 AT)
All Transfer Assembly
Manual Transmission
Non CVT Transmission
Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Windshield Washer

List of Honda Automobile Fluid Part Numbers

To view "guaranteed lowest price" on OEM Honda Automobile Fluids, please select a Part # below.

Fluid Type Container Part Number
ATF-DW1 Transmission Fluid Quart 08200-9008
ATF-Type 2.0 Transmission Fluid Quart 08200-9015*
ATF-Type 3.1 Transmission Fluid Quart 08200-9017
CVT Fluid Transmission Fluid Quart 08200-9006
HCF-2 Transmission Fluid Quart 08200-HCF2
MTF Transmission Fluid Quart 08798-9031
Dual Pump Fluid (DPSF II) Rear Differential Quart 08200-9007
VTM-4 Rear Differential Gallon 08200-9003
HGO-1 Transfer Assembly Fluid Quart 08200-9014**
Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2 Antifreeeze/Coolant Gallon 0L999-9011
DOT-3 Brake Fluid 12 fl. oz 08798-9008
Power Steering Fluid Power Steering Fluid 12 fl. oz 08206-9002
Washer Concentrate/Antifreeze Windshield Washer 16 fl. oz 08798-9025


* Specifically designed for use in the 2018 Odyssey Elite and Touring 10-speed transmissions. Use in any other transmissions may damage it.
2017 Clarity ONLY - Insulating Fluid 50% Formulation OL999 - 9014 (2.5 gal) / Insulating Fluid 20% Formulation OL999 - 9015 (Qt)

** Not for use in S2000


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