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Honda Odyssey Interior Accessories

Honda Odyssey at the Beach

Ahh, summer. The time for those long, leisurely drives has arrived—whether to the beach, to visit family, or to check out the new roller coaster. Let’s be honest, though—sometimes those drives aren’t as relaxing as you’d hope. And, sometimes, they can get a bit messy—whether it’s an ice cream cone gone astray, an over-exuberant squirt of ketchup from that take-out burger, or just an unfortunate explosion of popcorn in the back seat.

At Bernardi Parts, we make sure you’ve got everything covered—literally. From seats to floors and every surface in between, Honda OEM accessories provide a better-than-custom fit, so that you know your car is as un-mess-able as possible.

Interior Accessories That Make Your Summer Drives an Odyssey to Remember

Keep Your Mutts on My Mats!

Featured Product: Honda Odyssey All-Season Floor Mats

When you need superior protection for your Odyssey’s carpeting, look no further than our Honda Odyssey All-Season Floor Mats ($224.00 $190.40). Their sleek construction and black rubber material is both tough and easy to clean with just mild soap and water. The extended sidewalls work overtime, trapping sand, mud, and other souvenirs of a summer day well-spent. Regardless of what you encounter in your travels—dogs, kids, whatever—your vehicle’s carpets will look as good as they did before you hit the road.

Ready for What the Road—or Your Passengers—Throw at You

Featured Product: Honda Odyssey Third Row Seat Covers

If your travels include the occasional four-legged passenger—along with several less-than-pristine, pint-sized, two-legged ones—the 2018-2019 Odyssey Third Row Seat Covers ($199.00 $169.15) are a must-have.

2018-2019 Honda Odyssey 3rd Row Seat Covers

Made of washable, stain-resistant fabric, the covers are easy to install and offer fool-proof protection from spills, sticky fingers, or just the daily wear-and-tear inflicted on your Odyssey “mom-mobile.”

Seat Covers Worthy of Road Warrior Status

Featured Product: Honda Odyssey Seat Armour

Summer road trips are great. Whether you’re just cruising along the coast on a sunny afternoon or you’re packing up and heading to the cabin for a couple of weeks, you’re definitely putting some miles in. If you want to protect the upholstery of your Odyssey from the heavy wear and tear of summer fun, the Seat Armour ($39.99 $33.99) is perfect. Available in gray, tan, or black to match your Odyssey’s interior, Seat Armour is made of 100% heavyweight, cotton-velour terrycloth, and it adds a bit of style with the embroidered Honda logo. A great way to protect your car’s original driver or front passenger seats after a perfect day at the beach, our seat covers are also easy to remove for cleaning as often as you need to—and will ensure you’re armed for travel no matter where the road takes you this season.

Don’t Be a Litter Bug

Featured Product: Honda Odyssey Trash Bag

Sometimes, bad trash happens to good people. Make sure you’re always prepared with our handy Odyssey Trash Bag ($18.95 $14.25). Classier and more reusable than the average grocery store plastic bag, the OEM trash bag is made of resilient nylon fabric. The straps make it easy to attach to your Odyssey’s seat back or console, and the elasticized top and bottom closures ensure trash stays trash.

Don’t let life’s little messes get in the way of your travels this summer. Check out these and other 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey Interior Accessories from Bernardi Parts, and you can be sure any messes you do encounter stay outside your vehicle. Happy travels!

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