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Honda Holiday Shopping Guide

Gifts for (almost) Every Honda Driver

Honda is one of the most popular car brands in the US, with models perfect for almost any personality and budget. Whether the Honda driver in your life rocks their Fit for an easy commute in and out of the city, swears by their Ridgeline for lugging tools and supplies to the job site, or never thought they’d love a minivan as much as they do their Odyssey, customizability is part of what makes their Honda more than “just a car”.

For all of those people and more, it can feel like there must be some perfect gift for them every holiday season, if not for the fact that they were already so happy with their car. That’s where OEM Honda accessories come in. Whatever your needs, hobbies or passions, there is an accessory that will let them lean into it. Below are some of the best ideas the team here at Bernardi Parts could come up with, based on how we use our Honda’s every day.

For the Weekend Warriors

There’s no greater treat than loading up your gear and getting out for the day. It doesn’t matter if that means mountain bikes, skis, or kayaks, we think the hardest part of the day shouldn’t be figuring out how to get to the starting line—and the weekend warrior in your life most definitely agrees.

A Roof Rack That Will Get Them to The Starting Line (and Back)

The biggest complaint our customers have with aftermarket roof racks and carriers is a less than perfect fit. Often, aftermarket accessories will design a product with the intention that it fit several models. As you might expect, that typically means it doesn’t really fit any of them all that well. When you buy an OEM Honda accessory, though, you know will get a “better than custom” fit—that’s because these parts and accessories were designed, from the ground up, by the same team that builds Honda to be one of the most reliable car brands in the world with the express purpose that they fit seamlessly and offer the easiest possible installation.

When you combine that great fit with the fact that Bernardi Parts proudly offers the best prices anywhere online for OEM accessories, it makes gift shopping this holiday season a lot easier.

Honda Roof Rails

Honda roof rails are available for most models. Along with the crossbars, they act as the foundation for any roof carrier or attachment, and are the simplest way to improve the utility of any Honda.

Honda Pilot Roof Rails

The Honda Pilot offers two different kinds of roof rails—the standard silver roof rails, pictured above, which we sell for $444 (MSRP $549, 19% off!) and matte black Pilot roof rails (Bernardi price: $422; MSRP: $521, 19% off!). For those who take car care to the next level, we also carry black roof rail covers, which protect the bars from scuffs and scratches and let you change the look of your standard silver roof rails if you decide you prefer the sleek, matte black look.

To browse all options for Honda roof rails, visit our Honda Roof Racks page.

Honda Crossbars

Honda Crossbars

The jelly to roof rails’ peanut butter, the crossbars are essential to installing any kind of roof rack, luggage carrier or sports equipment attachment. For the Pilot, the crossbars are available for $190, 19% off from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Roof Carriers

Honda Roof Attachments

While the Roof Rails and Crossbars are particular to the Honda model for which they’re listed, many of the attachments are universal. The attachment that makes sense for your Honda driver really depends on their hobbies and needs. The action sports junkies will make use of the bike, kayak and ski attachments. The road trippers will fall in love with the roof boxes. And for those who never know quite what they might get up to, the roof basket offers flexibility and storage space enough to satisfy any curiosity.

In addition to the Pilot, we also carry crossbars and roof rack systems for these models:

  • Honda Crosstour
  • Honda CRV
  • Honda Element
  • Honda HRV
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Passport
  • Honda Ridgeline


Trailer Hitches

Honda Trailer Hitches

Of course, there are times when, try as you might, a roof rack just isn’t enough. Whether it’s heading out to put the boat in the water for the day or taking the ATVs out for a day on the trail, there are times when your Honda driver will need more than just a little extra storage room.

For those situations, it can be invaluable to have an OEM trailer hitch installed on your Honda. The 2019-2021 Pilot Trailer Hitch ($304; MSRP: $376, 19% off!), for instance, will give their Pilot the ability to tow trailers up to 3,500 pounds with a Class III Trailer Hitch that mounts directly to the chassis, for optimal performance, strength and security.

Trailer hitches also are available for the following models:

Keep in mind, safe installation and operation of the trailer hitch also requires a hitch harness, hitch ball mount and hitch ball, each sold separately. To find all of the parts you need, visit our Genuine Honda Accessories page now and select the model and year vehicle you’re shopping for.

For the People Who’s “Work Truck” Lives Up to Its Name

A reliable work truck is the best tool any contractor could ask for. Beyond reliability, what else factors into making a truck a good work truck?

When we hear from our customers, they all seem to share the same three concerns:

  1. They would like to be able to leave tools in the truck bed rain or shine
  2. They don’t want to have to rely on twine scrounged in the parking lot of their nearest big box home improvement store to secure their materials
  3. Have you ever seen what a demolition crew looks like at the end of a normal day? Is there any way you’d want five sweaty, dust-covered guys in your new car?

Well, in addition to some Febreze, here are some items that will help them keep things clean, organized, and feeling like new.

Honda Ridgeline Tonneau Cover ($844; MSRP: $1,044, 19% off!)

Honda Ridgeline Tonneau Cover

Having to clear out the bed of a truck at the end of a long day sometimes is not at the top of someone’s list. That’s understandable. But what do you do if you come home exhausted and have rain or snow in the forecast? Can’t just leave your gear out to get destroyed, but you need it again tomorrow and it’s frustrating to be moving it all back and forth. The tonneau cover offers rugged, heavy-duty protection from the elements without obstructing the Ridgeline’s dual-action tailgate, all in an attractive package. 

Honda Cargo Net – Truck Bed (Ridgeline) ($97; MSRP: $120, 30% off!)

Honda Ridgeline Cargo Net

Twine can probably get the job done in a pinch; bungee cords are useful but have a habit of breaking or disappearing at the worst possible moment. What our Ridgeline drivers tell us they want is a regular, reliable way to secure large loads in their truck bed. We think the truck bed cargo net for the Ridgeline is the perfect answer to that need. The shock cord style net fits snug to even the most irregularly shaped items, and stores flat in the bed when not needed.

Honda All-Season Floor Mats - High Wall (Ridgeline) ($143; MSRP: $177, 19% off!)

Honda Ridgeline All Season Floor Mats

These are the perfect way to protect the carpeting of your Ridgeline, making them the must have accessory for anyone who spends their day on the job site. The high-walled design extends to trap dirt, mud and other debris, and the rugged rubber is easy to clean with just soap and water. The molded “Ridgeline” logo gives these a custom feel, but don’t be fooled—the fact that these are genuine Honda accessories, not aftermarket floor mats, means that they’re guaranteed to fit perfectly. And that means even better protection.

Honda Rear Seat Covers (Ridgeline) ($224; MSRP: $277, 19% off!)

Honda Ridgeline Rear Seat Covers

Just look at that picture! The neat freak in everyone here at Bernardi Parts HQ is on high alert. Is that an open ketchup packet? What have we told you about bringing food in the work truck?

Oh, wait, nevermind. The Ridgeline rear seat cover is installed. That means that the entire second row seat is protected—including the headrests (and, honestly, we’re still amazed you managed to get ketchup on the headrest that one time). The machine-washable cover is made from a durable rubberized material for water resistance, and is easy to install and remove. Whether your Ridgeline driver is keeping the dust of the job site at bay or protecting the upholstery from a hungry T-ball team on the weekend, this cover is designed to keep your seats looking like new.

For the Kid Conveyors

Speaking of toting the kids around! Floor mats—they’re not just for construction workers.

Honda All-Season Floor Mats (Fit, HRV, Odyssey, Passport)

Honda Floor Mats

The all-season floor mats are available for most models. We’re highlighting here the mats for the 2015-2019 Fit (pictured; $121; MSRP: $149, 19% off!), the 2017-2021 HR-V ($143; MSRP: $177, 19% off!), and 2018-2021 Odyssey ($199; MSRP: $246, 19% off!). Each OEM all-season floor mat is made from tough rubber that offers superior protection for your car’s carpets. The “better-than-custom” fit of OEM accessories is that much more impactful here, as these mats are guaranteed to fit perfectly. That also means removing them for cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3—lift, wash, replace. The Fit and HR-V floor mats include both front and rear seats; the Odyssey package includes mats for all three rows of seating. For the Passport, there is a high-wall option ($199; MSRP: $246, 19% off!) that offers additional protection.

For the Movers and Shakers

Some of us use our cars as more than just a way to get from A to B. Whether the Honda driver in your life is looking to take their Odyssey to the garden center or ferrying the kids to hockey practice, odds are whatever they’re putting in the trunk isn’t something that they want to live with forever.

Honda Folding Cargo Tray (Odyssey, Passport, Pilot)

Honda Folding Cargo Trays

The 3 rows of seating in the Odyssey and Pilot make them ideal people movers. Of course, sometimes you’re moving more than just people. Having to switch out your entire setup from trip to trip can be a real drag.

Fortunately, the folding cargo tray for the Odyssey (pictured; $92; MSRP: $103, 11% off!), Passport ($97; MSRP: $120, 19% off!) and Pilot ($97; MSRP: $120, 19% off!) make it easy to have protection when you need it and convenience when you don’t. Each OEM cargo tray is hinged, so it can fold to accommodate the 3rd-row seating without having to be removed.

Made from the same durable thermoplastic rubber as the all-season floor mats, the cargo trays are similarly easy to clean with just soap and water. The embossed logo gives a custom feel, while design features like the protective lip and raised ridges trap dirt and debris before it gets into your car’s upholstery.

Honda Cargo Tray (Odyssey) ($97; MSRP: $119, 19% off!)

Honda Odyssey Cargo Trays

If the folding cargo tray seems a bit like overkill, it’s hard to beat the Odyssey’s cargo tray for convenience and protection. Made from the same durable and easy-to-clean material as the folding cargo tray, the trunk cargo tray can be installed and left in place without interfering with the 3rd-row “magic seat”.

For the “My Car is My Office” Types

Some of us never know when we might have an unexpected passenger; others know only that they will. Whether for work or among friends, keeping your car clean and organized is the best way to leave a positive impression. These last items are perfect for that Honda driver in your life who always seems to be buried under an avalanche of stuff, and who never has time to take care of the everyday things like hitting the car wash after a particularly rainy stretch of weather.

Honda Cargo Cover (Fit, HRV)

Honda Cargo Cover

Whether they’re just looking to hide the chaos in their trunk or need to keep their valuables out of site, the cargo cover for the 2015-2019 Fit (pictured; $261; MSRP: $326, 19% off!) and the 2016-2021 HR-V ($84; MSRP: $103, 19% off!) is a must-have accessory. Made of durable material and designed to perfectly match your car’s interior (one of the joys of shopping OEM accessories!), the cargo cover keeps items out of view and protects them from damaging UV rays.

Honda Splash Guards (Pilot)

Honda Pilot Splash Guards

Making a positive first impression sometimes can be as simple as not pulling up in a car covered in last week’s snow melt. Splash guards are one of the most popular OEM accessories for one simple reason—they’re useful. The Pilot splash guards ($97; MSRP: $120, 19% off) are custom-fit to the 2016-2021 Pilot’s wheel wells, offering protection from minor road debris and keeping the paint and finish safe. The installation couldn’t be easier, with no drilling required—which will protect your car’s frame from corrosion.


Bernardi Parts is proud to offer genuine OEM Honda parts and accessories. There’s a gift for every Honda driver on our site, and we know you can’t beat our prices! 

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