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Honda Rooftop Accessories: Don’t Let the Gear Get You Down

Honda Rooftop Accessories

For some of us, the warmer weather means lying on the beach with a good book and a cold drink. For others, leisure time is a bit more active.

If you fall into the latter category, and time off for you conjures visions of camping, kayaking, biking, or surfing, then you know that the trickiest part is usually transporting yourself and all of your gear.

Don’t worry, though — Bernardi Parts Honda has everything you need to get to the trailhead in style, whether you’re pitching a tent, hitting the surf, or meandering down a lazy river.

With Honda OEM Rooftop Accessories There’s Always Room for More

Rooftop Amenities Included

Featured Product: Honda Roof Box—Mid-Size Honda Cargo Box

We can all agree that the Pilot, Odyssey, and CRV are quite roomy. When it comes to active leisure activities, though, like camping, hiking, or boating, a little extra space can make all the difference between a harried drive and getting to your destination hassle-free.

Whether you’re toting a set of golf clubs, a sun tent, or a surfboard that would make Kelly Slater swoon, the Honda Roof Rack Cargo Box ($519.95 $441.96) is a great mid-sized option that meets all your leisure transport needs. The cargo carrier is impact- and UV-resistant, so it’s built to last. The cargo box also opens on both sides, making for easy access, while the stylish Honda logo ups the aesthetic factor.

With Honda Rooftop Accessories, Everything’s Looking Up

Featured Product: Honda Kayak Attachment

If the idea of paddling across Walden Pond or running the rapids on Maine’s Kennebec River is more your style, the Honda Kayak Attachment ($229.95.00 $195.46) is exactly what you’re looking for.

The kayak attachment is designed with soft, adjustable saddles and reinforced straps to create a firm cradle for your boat. The ratcheting tie-downs lend added stability, and give you peace of mind that everything will stay in place, no matter how rough the road ahead. The kayak attachment fits securely on the roof of several Honda models, and requires a roof rack for proper and secure installation.

Get Your Inner Jeff Spicoli On

Featured Product: Honda Surf/Paddleboard Attachment

If you’re channeling the Great Kahuna and are in search of that perfect wave, and “hanging 10” is more your speed, then you probably already know how convenient the Honda Surf/Paddleboard Attachment ($150.00 $127.50) is.

With its smart telescoping design, the surf/paddleboard attachment provides a custom fit for boards up to 34 inches wide, while the strong load straps and adjustable padding make sure your board stays put until you get where you’re going. We can’t promise you won’t wipe the next time you drop in, but at least you’ll know you can rely on your Honda to get your gear to and from the surf.

When Storage from the Top Down Is the Only Option

Featured Product: Honda Roof Basket

A lot of us can use just a little bit more—more horsepower, more seating, more fuel efficiency. Maybe you need just that little extra bit of storage for all the trappings that go with your leisure activities. For all those essentials look no further than our durable, low-profile Honda Roof Basket ($369.00 $313.65).

Honda Pilot Roof Basket

Designed to fit the Honda Roof Rails and Crossbar or the Honda Roof Rack on a range of models, the basket is able to securely carry up to 150 pounds. Even better, the aerodynamic wind fairing lets the air flow over your cargo, so you won’t have to sacrifice fuel efficiency, while the tapered side walls make for easy loading.

So, when your leisure time means active time, visit Bernardi Honda Parts to get everything you need to get your gear from point A to point B. Honda OEM rooftop accessories help you enjoy not just the ride, but the destination.

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