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The 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline: A Real Truck

The 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline: A Real Truck

The 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline is one of the most-popular mid-size pickup trucks out there. Given it’s stylish design and well-earned reputation for ruggedness and reliability, it’s easy to see that the Ridgeline brings a lot to the table.

As one of the largest Honda OEM parts and accessories dealers in the United States, the team here at Bernardi Parts have long known that the Ridgeline seriously out-performs its reputation as a pretender in the pickup truck world. As Car and Driver puts it, “It's seriously practical without being unparkably huge."

The Ridgeline has also gained plaudits for its smooth ride, both loaded full of gear and empty, its surprising fuel efficiency, and even its in-bed, lockable trunk.

Does the Ridgeline Tailgate Lock?

Given its drivability — mainly, the fact that it can handle most anything you’d throw at any pickup truck while remaining a pleasure to drive, whether through the crowded streets of Boston or down scenic back-country roads — it’s no surprise that the Ridgeline is popular in urban and suburban markets.

One issue that crops up for Ridgeline drivers is security. Driving — and parking — a pickup truck in the city can be a challenge all on its own. When you add to that the need to secure what’s in your cargo bed — whether that’s tools and equipment from the job site or a snow shovel and some ice melt or cat litter as you prepare for winter — security can become a real concern.

Ridgeline Tonneau Cover

Although there are several aftermarket cargo bed caps and covers, the best solution, by far, is the Ridgeline tonneau cover. The tonneau cover is rugged and attractive, and it provides security for anything you stow in the bed. Best of all, the Ridgeline’s dual-action tailgate is fully functional cover in place, and the tri-fold construction allows for easy access to both the cargo bed and the in-bed trunk.

In order to keep your gear as secure as possible, there are a couple of essential add-ons you’ll want to purchase along with the cover, or add on to your existing installation.

Honda Tailgate Lock Cylinder: MSRP, $53; Bernardi Parts price, $42.40

If you’re adding a tonneau cover to your Ridgeline, the tailgate lock is the perfect add-on. Included in the lock kit are 2 dedicated keys.

Honda Tonneau Cover Latch (Ridgeline): MSRP, $25; Bernardi Parts price, $20.00

If your tonneau cover is not the most recent model, with the part number 08Z07-T6Z-100F, then we highly recommend you purchase these upgraded latch handles. They provide more tension than the original handles, which means added security for your Ridgeline truck bed.

Honda Tailgate Lock Handle (Ridgeline): MSRP, $57; Bernardi Parts price, $45.60

The Ridgeline tailgate lock handle pairs with the lock cylinder, and is available factory-painted to ensure a perfect match to your truck.

Have a question about parts fitment? Reach out to our Honda OEM parts and accessories experts! We’re here to help.

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