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Honda HR-V: A touch of magic (seats)

We’ve all been there. A trip to Home Depot or IKEA has gotten woefully out of hand, and now you’re left with a 3’ long receipt in your hand and no idea how you’re going to get everything home. Moving bulky items and other cargo may not be an everyday occurrence, but the ability to do so likely was a factor in why you brought a crossover in the first place. How can you solve this problem?

Honda HR-V: A touch of magic (seats)

The HR-V Magic Seat means more usable cargo space

Honda’s second row Magic Seat make the HR-V more than just a versatile people mover. The subcompact crossover HR-V has been frequently lauded for its versatile interior, and the 60/40 folding rear seats take that to an extreme.

HR-V Magic Seat

Of course, fold-flat rear seats would hardly qualify as ‘Magic’. So, Honda upped the wow factor for the Magic Seat. For starters, you can fold flat either the 60 or the 40 portion of the rear seat, making it easy to accommodate items with up to 8’ of horizontal space—perfect for when you need to bring home your Billy bookshelf from IKEA.

HR-V Magic Seat Bike

In addition to the super-useful ‘long mode’ and the ultra-versatile ‘utility mode’, the HR-V’s Magic Seat also boasts a ‘tall mode’. With the ability to fold the rear seats up, you’re able to create a space to transport items that need to be kept upright. Whether that’s a potted plant or a flat screen TV, the 4’ of vertical space should be enough to handle anything you might throw at (in?) your HR-V.

How Do I Keep My HR-V Clean?

You might be wondering, with all of the many options and methods of transporting items in your HR-V, “What about the carpet in my HR-V’s cargo area?” It’s all well and good to be able to transport your kayak to and from the boat launch, but after a great workout you might be left with a dripping wet shell that you now have to put in your car. That seems…not great?

HR-V Magic Seat at the Beach

One way to keep the carpeted cargo area looking like new is to install the OEM HR-V cargo tray. The cargo tray packs a lot of design features into a simple product, with raised edges to contain fluids and dirt, a ‘better than custom’ fit compared to aftermarket accessories, and an embossed HR-V logo that lends a custom look and feel.

HR-V Cargo Cover

It’s also made from hardy thermoplastic, which means it can really stand up to a beating, and can be cleaned with just mild soap and water. And, with the separate cargo cover for 2016-2020 HR-V models, you can keep the interior of your car clean and your objects out of view from prying eyes—or from harmful UV rays.

As a Genuine Honda Parts dealer, Bernardi Parts is proud to offer the full selection of interior cargo accessories for the 2016-2020 HR-V. Check out our full selection, or reach out to one of our parts and accessories experts.

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