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White List

Add Bernardi Parts to your whitelist to receive support emails

Many email programs will block email that fits the criteria that they define as Spam or Junk email. While this can sometimes be helpful, mail that you might be expecting from Bernardi Parts could get accidentally blocked by your email program's spam filters.

To prevent this from happening, you will need to put Bernardi Parts on your safe list of addresses to guarantee that you receive our emails. Some email programs refer to this as "whitelisting" or a "safe or trusted sender list." If you cannot find this option in your email program, or do not know how to add us to your list, please review your email program's help documents for more information.

Some programs require just the domain name to be placed in the Address Book. In that case, you would need to add: BernardiParts.com. If you need to add addresses, please try the following:

  • *@BernardiParts.com

The asterisk at the beginning allows any address from Bernardi Parts to be placed in your whitelist. If this does not work, the specific address is:

If you were expecting an email from Bernardi Parts prior to whitelisting us, and did not receive it in your Inbox, you may want to check your Junk or Bulk mail folders to see if it was delivered there by your spam filter. Adding Bernardi Parts to your safe or trusted sender's list ensures that you receive all emails from us that you might be expecting, such as squestion responses and purchase confirmations.

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