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Now Offering FREE Shipping on Orders Over $75 Honda Supply Shortages

Shipping Performance

In the spirit of being totally transparent, we are distinguishing ourselves by publishing monthly analytics on our shipping performance. The analytics are accurate from a customer’s perspective in that they measure average calendar days to ship an ordered product. However, they are not a great measure of our team’s performance because our team doesn’t ship and UPS doesn’t pick up from us on Sunday.

While we could adjust our analytics from calendar to workdays to improve our analytics, we have opted not to do so – retaining our focus on the days that you are waiting for your order – and continue to focus our team on reducing that number.

Customer Shipping Performance - January 2017
  • 63% of orders are shipped in less than 24 hours.
  • 76% shipped in less than 48 hours
  • 86% shipped in 3 days or less
  • 91% shipped in 4 days or less
  • 9% shipped in 5 days or over.
Bernardi Parts - Shipping Performance

Shipping Process

The Bernardi Parts Team invests heavily in trying to exceed your expectations. This can be a daunting task when you are processing hundreds of orders a day, close to five hundred calls a day, and managing parts for every Honda Automobile ever built - close to 400,000 SKUs!

An important aspect of meeting your needs is ensuring your order is received by you as quickly as possible. There are three stages in the process that can consume time.

  • Acquisition of your product if it is not in our warehouse
    • We regularly audit our inventory and adjust our inventory rules to ensure frequently ordered parts and accessories are normally available in our warehouse. Items not in our warehouse are typically expedited to us by American Honda the next day.
  • Packaging your product to ensure you receive it in brand-new condition.
    • We have a high-performance team whose primary role is to safely pack your order for shipping. We have recently opened a new warehouse to provide them with a more efficient packaging area.
  • Delivery of your product.
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