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Honda Supply Shortages
Honda Supply Shortages

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish is a must for every garage. It can be used on your car, truck, motorcycle, you name it! It is the “ultimate detailer in a can.” It can be used on all surfaces; painted, unpainted, glass, or plastic. Having owned a Honda my entire “driving career”, I have had so many chances to use this product.

I have used it to polish the chrome trim on my car, to keep my paint shining after washing my car, and have even used it to clean dust and dirt grime off the inside of my windshield. Also, Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish should always be used before wiping down your car with a rag. Without it, you may end up scratching the finish.

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish was originally made to be sold with Honda’s motorcycle line. This stuff is a great asset, especially for those avid motorcycle enthusiasts; my brother for instance. As the owner of a 2006 Honda CBR 600RR, he uses this on every surface imaginable after a ride. He even uses it to clear off the visor on his helmet! He tells me how he polishes the paint, the exhaust, the windshield visor, and even the wheels of his bike. And it leaves his bike looking brand new! I have personally seen many riders keep it on board so they can do a quick clean up during a ride.

But not to worry! Even for those who don’t own a bike, I still recommend purchasing it. It protects all painted surfaces, plastics and vinyl. It helps protect fading and cracking caused by the sun. And what I like best of all about it, I can wipe away all the nasty dead bugs off the front of my car. I always hated driving home from New Hampshire to find my car SPLATTERED with dead bugs. But Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish wipes them right off.

However, as many of you know Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish has been discontinued by Honda*. Honda chose not to continue with their chemical line so they are no longer selling the product. Fortunately for those of us who love it, AMREP now has the patent on the product and is continuing to manufacture it. You can now find it being sold under the name Spray Cleaner & Polish – Next Dimension”.

After using Spray Cleaner & Polish – Next Dimension I can safely say it is as good as the Honda stuff. The only thing that is different is the lemon scent that was patented by Honda. The Next Dimension does not have that same smell. But when it comes down to offering the same “detailer in a can” qualities that were found in Pro Honda Spray, the Next Dimension does not lack anything.

Overall, I can not recommend a better product than this. It really does it all. It works on so many different surfaces, has so many different uses, that it is a “no-brainer” to own. Like I said, I don’t even own a motorcycle, but I use this on my weekly clean of my Accord, inside and out. Take a look for yourself. You will not be left unsatisfied.

~ Erik Richards Operations Manager


*While supplies last, still has the original Pro Honda Spray Cleaner in stock. Supplies are dwindling and will not be on the shelf for long. We are offering both products at this time.
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