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Honda Remote Engine Starter Systems

Bernardi parts has a large selection of genuine Honda remote starts for 2008 through recent year Honda vehicle models. Purchase your factory certified Honda remote starter kit online for Honda vehicles including the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, and more. Remote starters are great for both winter and summer months, keeping your car warm or cool so you can get on the road faster. With the click of your starter key fob, turn the air conditioner or heat on. If you have any questions on purchasing Honda remote starters, contact Bernardi Honda Parts & Accessories at 800-924-1884.

The Honda Remote Starter differentiates itself from the third-party remote starters by offering:
  • Unique features available only from Honda because of the remote starter's tight integration with the vehicle's electrical system
  • 3 year/36,000 mile warranty when purchased at the time of sale.
  • 1 year warranty when purchased after the sale
  • Honda's award-winning quality

Honda Remote Engine Starter Availability

Honda Accord Engine Remote Starters

Honda Civic Engine Remote Starters

Top Features

  1. Two-way Remote
    • LCD providing status of vehicle
    • Two button function to deter unintended activation
    • 1,500 - 2,500 foot range
    • Weak battery indicator to let you know if the battery is low
  1. Warm/Cool vehicle interior
    • Automatically sets climate control to 72°F when ambient temperature is above 45.5°F degrees
    • OR disable the above feature and use the temperature setting of last trip
Key Fob
  1. Defrost Windows- (Requires Auto Climate Control)
    • Turn on the following when the ambient temperature. is below 45.5°F or 41°F depending on model:
      • Front defroster
      • Rear defroster
      • Outside heated mirrors (if equipped)
  1. Wiper system-.
    • Turned off if left on during last trip - prevents damage to wiper motor and arms due to ice and snow build up
  1. Lights-
    • Turned off if left on during last trip
  1. Idle Time-.
    • Adjustable from 10-20 minutes
    • During the first 10 minutes of idling and additional 10 minutes can be added.
  1. Factory Immobilizer- .
    • Not compromised as is done with 3rd party products
  1. Safety-First design allows engine to start only if:
    • Parking break is set
    • Vehicle is in park
    • Brake Pedal is not depressed
    • Engine hood is closed
    • All doors are closed and locked
    • Trunk or tailgate is closed
    • Security system is not activated
    • Panic system is not activated
    • Key or keyless remote/key is not in the ignition

System Components

  1. Remote engine starter key fob (1)
  2. Antenna
  3. Receiver Unit
  4. Wire harness
  5. OM
  6. Quick Start
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