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Honda Trailer Hitch Harness (Pilot 2009-2011)

Part# 08L91-SZA-100
Honda Trailer Hitch Harness (Pilot 2009-2011) 08L91-SZA-100
List Price: $210.00
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The Honda Pilot Trailer Hitch Wire Harness is required in order to tow a trailer for all LX, EX, & EX-L models.

Also sold separately: Towing Kit (08L92-SZA-100).

Fits: 2009, 2010, 2011 Pilot models
Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov For exposure to both listed carcinogens and reproductive toxicants.

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Customer Reviews

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April 28, 2010

Don't be fooled by what the manual says-- "This should not be attempted by do-it-yourselfers." IT CAN BE DONE. This was my first time to tinker with electrical stuff in a car and I was able to finish the installation in 1.5hrs-- should be shorter when you don't need to improvise for tools. Also, watch out when installing the control unit, tightening the bolts can be a bit tricky especially if you have big hands due to tight spot. Same goes with the socket harness under the car. Lastly, you might want to look for a clip to unlock the dummy connector. It's not just a "pull-me-out" thing. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase from Bernardi Parts.

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May 21, 2010

He is right. It is easy to install but ... unconnecting the dummy connector under the bumper has a trick. You push down on the very back of the connecting clip to unhook the clip. A great guy, Ray (service foreman) showed me this after I couldn't figure out how to disconnect the connector without breaking it. Also the fuse box that holds the relays unhooks at the top. With these two pieces of knowledges, installing the harness is a snap. Thanks Bernardi Service and Ray!!!!!

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June 13, 2010

Overall installing the connector was relatively easy but would have been easier if installation instructions came with the unit. Thanks to the internet I was able to find them and install the unit in 30 minutes.

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July 15, 2012

Thank you all for taking the time to post - after reading your remarks I decided just to order the kit and install it myself. It was almost a slam-dunk to install. The hardest part for me was releasing that darn connector clip under the bumper. After using a small mirror, I finally saw the release clip that faces toward the BACK of the car. My hands couldn't get up in there so I used a 90-degree allen wrench to push the clip up (TOWARD THE SKY!!) and it slid right off. Once off and in your hands, it's easy to figure out how the dummy connector pulls off. The other challenge I had was with the top bolt of the Control Unit as again, my hands couldn't get in there. I realized the plastic that was in my way is flexible enough that you can get a socket wrench with a long extender right on it - snug the bottom bolt first and then line-up the top hole - it makes it easier to thread in the top bolt when you are not fighting the part moving around. Take your time and use a sharp blade when removing the bumper cut-out as you WILL see the edges - after cutting, I smoothed the cut edges with a file. I really took my time with this, even disconnected the battery as suggested in the instructions and the total time was 1.5 hours (20 minutes was spent on that darn clip). I was quoted $280 total for parts and install from my local dealer - I'm happy I saved that extra cash!

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January 16, 2012

Blue clip is part number 91535-STK-003, in case you need a replacement.

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June 29, 2011

Thanks to all the reviews I ripped through this install in a little less then 40 minutes, it was actually fun. One tip I have is on the blue clip, just pry it out of the under carriage with a small flat screw driver. The cap pops out pretty easy to. Then just push it all back together. I never disconnected the battery and it all went fine.

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May 24, 2011

Kit as great from Bernari, no issues. The installation was easy overall but I completely agree with everybody else about the dummy connector, what a PAIN. I ended up breaking the blue clip up top so the wire would come down and be more easily visible. Once down I saw that I was doing everything correct and of course it came out on the first try. There is a sideways clip up top..I broke mine so I can't say for sure if you need to push it or not. Once I broke that I just pushed the bottom button in and used a screwdriver wedged into the top corner of the dummy connector and just leveraged it off. The clip up top is sideways unlike the bottom clip which runs the length of the connector. I really don't believe the top one does anything except to seperate the whole assembly from the blue clip. So, long story short. Push the button on the bottom of the connector and use a flat head screwdriver in the TOP corner of the dummy connector to pop it off.

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September 22, 2021

I bought this and installed it in my 2011 Pilot. easy to install but I only have driving (running) lights, no brake lights or turn signals. I installed everything just like the instructions. i went back checked all the fuses, the ground, and the connections but still no brake or turn signals. What can be the problem?

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April 21, 2012

I agree with what has already been writen by others. The only problem I had was that the threads in the bolt holes that attach the control unit to the body had paint in them and I could not get the bolts to thread into the holes. After I chased the threads with a tap everything went together smoothly.

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May 17, 2011

It was easy except for these things, one of which was already mentioned: (1) to unhook the connector to install the trailer socket harness: When you're lying under the car looking at the connector, take a nail or a paper clip and poke it into the connector holding the car's wiring BEHIND the dummy connector while you try to slide it out (so you can't see where you're poking, but just keep doing it and it will work). When it's out, I used a flat head screw driver to start getting the dummy connector out of the socket and then just yanked it the rest of the way out. (2) Control Unit: Put a towel underneath when you're trying to screw the bolts in. When putting in the bolts for the Control Unit, I dropped a screw and it ended up in a place even my magnet couldn't reach. My husband wasn't sure I could install the kit, but it was very easy except for the above 2 things.

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