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Honda Spare Tire Kit (Odyssey 2005-2010)

Part# 42751-GYR-KIT
Your Price: $199.99
This Honda Odyssey Spare Tire Kit includes a new Kenda spare tire (135/80/17) mounted and balanced on the spare wheel.

Kit also includes all mounting hardware and spare tire caution labels.

The Honda Odyssey spare tire is a must own for any owners looking to DEPAX their van. Free mounting and balancing on ALL Honda Odyssey spare tires sold on BernardiParts.com!
Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov For exposure to both listed carcinogens and reproductive toxicants.

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April 5, 2014

I am quite happy ordering the spare tire package from Bernardi Honda Parts and Accessories! I dePAXed my Honda Odyssey about a year ago, and I neglected to think about getting a spare tire! After my mechanic pointed this out to me, I looked into it: First, I went to Discount Tire to ask them what it would cost to get a donut tire, they explained that they don’t really provide that service, as spare tires never really go flat, and since you never theoretically would need to replace the rubber tire on a spare (since you only drive a few miles with the donut at low speeds), they would have to special order it. I’m not sure what price they quoted me, but it seemed obscenely high at the time. The guy at discount tire told me the best option would be to go to a junkyard and get one for less than $50. I tried going to a junkyard to get a spare "donut" for $8.99 (+ $2.00 admission to enter the junkyard) at U-Pull-&-Pay, but quickly learned that the donut tires are NOT at all the same: some have 4 holes, some have 5, and the diameters of the hole patterns are all different. Furthermore, the contours of the donut tires won't necessarily fit, as the spare tire from a different year or model of Odyssey may not provide the clearance around the brake calipers. Next, I tried to find a donut online, and a lot of people recommended a tire from the Tire Rack for $119, but there were stories on Odyclub.com that you have to say you have an Odyssey LX model (it’s the same size tire/rim/wheel, but if you tell Tire Rack you have a Touring model, they apparently won’t sell you the tire for liability reasons). I don’t know how much they charge for shipping, but I have to assume it would be $70 as well. I chose not to go this route. I then looked online to see if I could order the part directly from Honda, and though it seems you can for about $80, I realized that you may end up with just the spare tire rim without the rubber tire attached, which would be useless. Though I wasn’t thrilled about paying $162 + $70 shipping for Bernardi, it seemed the simplest way to go, and I am now happy I did: the tire was clean, it was delivered promptly, and with all the doodads and extras: all of the hardware you need to attach it to your car, the extra clamp to bolt a flat tire inside your Odyssey if you actually got a flat, a large plastic bag to put a dirty, flat tire in should you have an actual flat, and two stickers: one to go on the wheel itself, and one to go on the driver’s side door jamb to put over the original sticker with tire information. (The original tire sticker information indicates “NONE” for the spare, but the new sticker indicates the pressure for the spare tire.) The plastic bag has diagrams on it to show you how to flip down your back seats and clamp the flat tire (full-size tire) into the middle of your Odyssey should you ever get a flat, which I found helpful. I had to order 5 lugnuts as well, because when I dePAXed my car, the replacement rims had different lugnuts. (I wish I had saved some of them off the original PAX wheels!) I also ordered the Honda jack for $30, which I assumed I would need: Doh! It turns out my Odyssey already had a jack inside! My bad: I never bothered to check…. I figure it only makes sense for your car to already have the jack, because you would need it to rotate your tires! So before you pay the extra $30 for the jack, go look in your car and I’m sure you already have one in there. If I were to improve anything about this experience, I would recommend that Bernardi’s website include some further information about dePAXing an Odyssey, and I would also recommend that they include a one-page list of instructions with the delivery for the less mechanically-inclined to show them were to put the stickers and so forth. But when all is said and done, I would recommend ordering your spare donut tire for your Honda Odyssey Touring minivan from Bernardi. As a matter of fact, I am going to try to put this same information on odyclub.com recommending exactly that to future dePAXers out there! One last thing that seems worth mentioning: when you open up the spare tire compartment on your Odyssey, it looks like the spare tire couldn’t possibly fit inside the plastic housing/cover: it feels as if the spare would have to go through a contortionist act to fit in there… but it fits no problem!

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June 13, 2013

Lowest price I found, ordered it Wed, got it next day! Everything needed was included, installed in 5 mins. right out of the box. Great experience, will order again for all my Honda parts. Thanks.

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November 24, 2020

Thanks for the information! It’s been making me crazy trying to figure out what to do!

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June 28, 2011

works great. mounts perfectly. thx!

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