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Honda Security System (Odyssey, S2000)

SKU: 08E51-S84-100
We're Sorry, American Honda no longer manufactures this product.
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The Honda security system includes the unique factory-installed immobilizer system, so you can help deter theft before it can happen. It’s the ultimate in automotive protection, featuring a wiring harness designed by Honda engineers that fully integrates with the S2000’s sophisticated electronic and mechanical operation.
  • Remote control operation lets you lock or unlock the vehicle, and arm or disarm the Security System, from a distance.
  • Door ajar warning signals if any door or the trunk isn’t closed properly. The horn will gently sound three times to let you know the system isn’t going to arm.
  • Auto relock function automatically relocks any door that has been unlocked within 30 seconds, when no doors have been opened.
  • Power interrupt protection, so if your battery is disconnected when the system is armed, it’s still be armed when power is restored.
  • System status verification confirms your system has been armed by flashing lights and loud horn blasts.
  • Passive operation if selected, the system is automatically armed after all doors and the trunk have been properly closed.
  • Disarm switch makes life much more pleasant for valets, temporarily ceasing all passive security functions.
  • Glass breakage detector triggers the alarm if any window glass is broken.
  • Flashing L.E.D. is a visual deterrent to would-be thieves, warning that the system is armed.
  • Door and trunk sensor triggers the system if these points of entry are opened. Hood Sensor is optional (see below).
  • Hood Sensor (optional) sets off the alarm if your hood is opened, helping to keep your engine safe.
  • Odyssey Security System Attachment (08E55-S0X-100G)
  • S2000 Security System Attachment (08A53-S2A-100A)
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