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Honda Security System (2003-2005 Accord Sedan DX)

Part# 08E51-SDA-100B

List Price $220.00
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It’s every car owner’s greatest fear: walking through the parking lot to where your car… was. With Honda’s security system, you can help stop theft before it can happen. It’s the ultimate in theft deterrence, with a wiring harness specifically designed by Honda engineers to fully integrate with your Honda’s sophisticated electronic and mechanical operation.
  • Detection sensors sound the alarm if the door or rear hatch is disturbed, and if any glass is broken.
  • R.O.M. anti-scanning code requires up to 24 years of scanning to break the security system code.
  • Diagnostic system runs a self-check every time the alarm is armed.
  • Remote control operation lets you lock or unlock the vehicle, and arm or disarm the security system, from a distance. It also features a panic button, for emergencies.
  • Door ajar warning signals if any door isn’t closed properly. The horn will gently sound three times to let you know the system isn’t going to arm.
  • System status verification confirms the system is armed by flashing the parking lights and briefly sounding the horn.
  • Visual and audible alarm makes a triggered alarm noticeable with flashing lights and honking horn.
  • Passive operation if you select it, the system is automatically armed after all doors have been properly closed.
  • Disarm switch makes life much more pleasant for valets, temporarily ceasing all passive security functions.
  • Flashing L.E.D. status light is in clear view to warn that the security system is armed.
  • Welcome light of the interior dome illuminates when the vehicles is unlocked with the remote.
  • Security System Attachment (08E55-SDA-100B)

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