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Honda Supply Shortages

Importance of Performing Regular Honda Maintenance

There are many parts of a Honda that needs to be inspected. Here are a few Genuine Honda Parts that shouldn’t be neglected.

Genuine Honda Engine Air Filters

What does an engine air filter do? Just like people, engines need to breathe clean air to perform its best. A Genuine Honda Air Filter is made from advanced material designed for superior filtration and airflow. It helps your Honda’s performance and fuel economy. The job of the air filter is to remove dust and contaminants from incoming air. If contaminants get in the car, it can reduce performance, increase fuel consumption and cause premature engine wear. It is important to regularly replace the air filter in your Honda because pollutants build up on the filter which restricts air flow. This will affect performance in the car.

The Genuine Honda Engine Air Filters can be found by selecting your vehicle under the Maintenance page.

Genuine Honda Cabin Air Filters

Pollen. Dust. Airborne contaminants. It’s everywhere. Even in your car! BUT – You can help keep those out. That’s where the Genuine Honda Cabin Air Filter comes in. The cabin air filters are made to deliver maximum filtration of pollen and dust from both incoming and recirculated air. As with the engine air filter, the cabin filter also has to be replaced regularly. You don’t want to breathe in all the build-up of airborne contaminants on the cabin filter.

The Genuine Honda Cabin Filters can be found by selecting your vehicle under the Maintenance page.

Genuine Honda Oil Filters

The Genuine Honda oil filter helps the engine’s lifeblood – the motor oil do its job correctly. To protect the vital engine parts, motor oil needs to be clean. With all the air’s impurities that is not possible without an oil filter. The oil filter uses a pleated filter media and variable density paper to reduce engine-damaging contaminants. It also features an anti-drainback valve that keeps oil from draining out. The oil filter also has to be replaced at the correct intervals.

Think of it like a water filter. When you install a new water filter, the water is very clean and tastes great. With time, all the impurity build changes that so you replace it. The same goes for the oil filter. Just like us, it doesn’t run properly with dirty lifeblood.

Genuine Honda Wiper Blades

A clear, unobstructed view of the road is vital to the safety of you and your passengers. If you can’t see where you’re going, you can cause an accident. In other words, your wiper blades are an essential safety feature in all driving conditions. Unlike tires and brakes, it is not easy to tell when wiper blades need replacing since they wear out slowly over time.

However, there is a simple way to tell if the wiper blades need replacing. If you notice several streaks when using the wiper blades while it is raining or just with windshield washer, it probably means the wiper blades need replaced. Be sure to check there is nothing stuck to it because that can cause streaks too. If the wiper blades are clean there is only one or two streaks it is fine but if there is more, those wiper blades most likely need replacing.

The Genuine Honda Wiper Blades can be found by selecting your vehicle under the Maintenance page.

Genuine Honda Timing Belts

The genuine Honda timing belt keeps the engine’s valve and piston working in sync. Having it inspected and replaced at recommend intervals is very important. A broken timing will not only shut down the engine immediately, but it may result in engine damage and expensive repairs. It is also a safety issue. If the timing belt on your vehicle breaks while you’re driving, it can cause a severe accident.

Stopping problems before they start is a smart thing to do. And when it comes to your Honda, a bit of preventive maintenance really pays off down the road. When performing your maintenance, be sure to insist on Genuine Honda Parts. Genuine Honda Parts are rigorously tested to meet exacting Honda factory standard for quality, fit and performance. All parts are not created equally. Only Genuine Honda Parts keep your Honda all Honda.
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