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Despite our close ties with Amercan Honda as an authorized OEM Honda dealer, Bernardi Parts does not learn about new Honda model features until they are released to the public. So, like you, our Bernardi parts team relies on Honda’s press releases and 3rd party articles for insight into the design features for the all-new 2017 Civic Hatchback.

AutoGuide.com observes the Civic has become “a more rational car". They suggest the new 10th generation Hatchback, the first available in the US since the seventh-generation Civic Hatchback, will move away from its “rational" reputation to become the “performance focus of the Honda lineup".

New tenth-generation 2017 Honda Civic HatchbackIn discussing how the new 10th generation Civic was designed, Jeff Conrad, Honda Division Sr. VP and GM, described a process that was focused on European compact-class sports sedans and not on the Civic’s traditional competition. Thus its new level of sporty and refined handling, a more spacious and premium-quality cabin, and class-leading safety features. It is also the first Honda model to offer a turbocharged engine. He enthusiastically pointed out the new Civic has earned an EPA highway rating of 42MG while having a ero-to-60 time that matches the previous generation of the Civic Si!

The 2017 Civic HB illustrated in the embedded “Concept" photo is described by Curtis Nakamure, Honda’s Manager of Product Planning, as being “a very close representation of the production model".

Engine / Transmission / MPG

In a FastLaneCar.com video published by Curtis Nakamure - Honda’a Manger of Product Planning, indicates the new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback will be powered by the same 174 horsepower four-cylinder turbocharged engine found in the 2016 Civic Coupe and Sedan. At least for now, it will not be available with the 158-hp 2.0 liter four-cylinder that is also an option for the Civic Coupe and Sedan. AutomobileMag.com suggests this packaging is an attempt to attract more buyers of sporty cars to the Hatch.

ConsumerReports.com suggests the manual transmission will be the default configuration while the CVT will be offered as an available option.

Honda’s Nakamure also indicated that the new Civic HB will include both a CVT and a 6-speed manual transmission. He also suggested that the center dual exhaust will make it into production - but only for certain trim levels.

Consumer Reports described their experience in the 2016 Civic Sedan that includes the same engine as having “impressive mid-range power". While Honda publishes an EPA highway rating of 42mpg, they experienced 45 mpg highway and 21 mpg city.

According to Consumer Reports, Honda also has announced the availability of the 6-speed manual transmission on the turbo versions of both the Civic Coupe and the Civic Sedan beginning in the Fall of 2016.

Hybrid / Accord

AutoGuide.com quotes Daisuke Tsutamori, the Civics’ chief designer, as having described its platform as being flexible and capable of incorporating the latest electrification technologies. They do suggest that such a vehicle may not be offered in North America. They also quote Tsutamori as saying its platform is sufficiently flexible to allow its use for a larger segment of cars. They question whether the next generation Accord will be built upon it.


Curtis Nakamure, Honda’s Manager of Product Planning, suggests the new 2017 Honda Civic HB will include Honda’s Sensing Package (Low Speed Follow, Lane Keep Assist, and Autonomous Braking).


Civic Selling Like Hotcakes
5/30/2016 - According to WardsAuto.com, not everyone wants to drive a CUV. They report that "Honda’s redesigned Civic is selling like hotcakes, with sales up 29.0% through April

They quote Jeff Conrad as stating the all-new 2016 / 2017 Honda Civic is "meeting-slash-exceeding our expectations". Accordiing to Wards, Honda ended April with a 48 days’ supply of the Civic, down from 56 in March and 73 in April 2015. This compares favorably to the 64 average days’ supply for domestically built Upper Small models in late April.
Unlike the current Civic Hatchback which has not been imported to the US since 2005, Honda’s Civic HB press release indicates the new 2017 Civic HB will be available in the United States.

According to CarAndDriver.com, the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback will be available for European and US customer delivery in early 2017. Consumer Reports suggests the HB will be available late in 2016. AutoGuide.com goes further, predicting it will be available in the US in late 2016 and in Europe in early 2017 – a departure from Honda’s history of releasing its new models initially in Europe and much later in the US.

Unlike the Coupe and Sedan which are built in the US, Consumer Reports.com says the HB will be built in Honda’s Swindon, UK plant alongside of the Civic Type R.

Civic Type R

According to Honda’s press release for the Civic HB, the Type R ultra-sporty version of the Civic will be available in the US in 2017 and will be based upon the hatch body style. CarAndDrive.com suggests that its 2.0 L turbo front-wheel drive will pack at least 300hp, will include a 6-speed manual transmission, and will include adaptive dampers.

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