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2017 Honda CR-V - Parts and Accessories

The all-new high-tech 2017 Honda CR-V will be released later this year. Bernardi Parts is already adding parts and accessories to its web site in preparation for the launch for this long-awaited Honda CRV.

Despite our close ties with American Honda as an authorized OEM Honda dealer, Bernardi Parts does not learn of new model features from American Honda until they are released to the public. So, like you, we must rely on the media for insight into the design features for what is expected to be an all new fifth generation 2017 Honda CR-V. Outlined below are some of the rumors that we have encountered. Stop by again for further information!

Third Row Seating

All-new fifth-generation 2017 Honda CR-VWith the availability of the new small 2016 HR-V, many publications are projecting the 2017 Honda CR-V will be longer so as to offer an optional third row seat. According to MotorAuthority.com, the new CRV will be built on a stretched version of the tenth-generation Civic which is stiffer and lighter. Autoblog.com supports this thinking by suggesting that Honda has “inserted a big, long door between the B- and C-pillars, stretching the wheelbase by…several inches”. They further suggest that the CR-V will be available in both five and seven passenger versions. But some reviewers suggest otherwise…

  • ReleaseDatesNewcars.com states the 2017 Honda CR-V will have “mild exterior changes” with no mention of a seven seater.
  • CarPreview.com outright contradicts the prediction by saying “ [the 2017 CR-V] will grow slightly, although not enough to accommodate a third row of seats”. Later in their review they suggest a third seat may be an option for the CR-V in other countries. IndianAutosBlog.com concurs – stating the third seat will likely be available only in countries where the Pilot is not available.


Another commonly shared rumor is that the 2017 CR-V will offer an optional 174 horsepower turbo-charged 4 cylinder coupled engine with a CVT transmission. CarPreview suggests this will be an optional upgrade to the naturally aspirated engine.


DigitalTrends.com quotes Japanese web site Response.com which suggests the CR-V will be offered with a plugin hybrid drive-train with a gasoline motor and at least two electric motors.

LED Lights

As is the trend with many new models, CarPreview.com is predicting the 2017 CR-V will offer LED running lights on all CR-V trim levels. CarWow.com suggests the front-end of the CR-V is ‘inspired by the Honda Concept D” They also observed a more aggressive rear appearance with “angular brake lights mounted on the boot lid that extend vertically to the rear spoiler.

Honda Sensing Package

CarPreview.com expressed hope the Honda Sensing driver-assist package will be available on all trim levels.

Front/All-Wheel Drive

As is currently the case, the 2017 Honda CRV is expected to offer front-wheel drive as a standard with all-wheel drive as an optional upgrade.


MotorAuthority.com suggest the entry level price for the new fift-generation CR-V will be $24,645. CarPreview.com suggests a similar starting price of $24,850 while the EX will be $27,100 and the top-line Touring will be priced at $33,300. They suggest the CRVs popular AWD option will add $1,300 to these prices.

OEM Honda Accessories

Bernardi Parts will offer a full selection of Honda OEM parts and accessories for the all-new 2017 Honda CR-V when it arrives. While we don’t expect to see the all-new 2017 Honda CR-V until late in 2016, Bernardi Parts has already placed its accessory order with American Honda – a preliminary list of which is included below. Check back in late summer to order your accessories.

While some accessories that if the 2016 Honda CR-V may fit the all-new 2017 CRV, some may not. Our team of accessories experts are configuring our parts site to ensure you order the correct items for your 2017.

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19" Alloy Wheel 08W19-TLA-100
All Season Mat, High Wall 08P17-TLA-110
All Season Mat, High Wall Blue Accent Color 08P17-TLA-120A
Back Up Sensors - NH-603P (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-110K
Back Up Sensors - NH-830M (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-160K
Back Up Sensors - NH-797M (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-170K
Back Up Sensors - NH-731P (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-180K
Back Up Sensors - R-539P (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-190K
Back Up Sensors - R-548P (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-1B0K
Back Up Sensors - YR-620M (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-1E0K
Back Up Sensors - G-546M (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-1G0K
Back Up Sensors - B-588P (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-1H0K
Back Up Sensors - PB-88M (Requires Back Up Sensor Att) 08V67-TLA-1P0K
Back Up Sensors Att 08V67-TLA-100A
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-110
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-120
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-130
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-140
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-150
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-160
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-170
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-180
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-190
Body Side Molding  08P05-TLA-200
Cargo Liner 08P42-TLA-100
Cargo Liner (Upper Trim Only) 08P42-TLA-100A
Cargo Net 08L96-TLA-100
Cargo Organizer 08U20-S9V-101
Cargo Scuff Plate Cover 08F07-TLA-100
Cargo Tray 08U45-TLA-100
Cross Bars 08L04-TLA-100
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-110
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-120
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-130
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-140
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-150
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-160
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-170
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-180
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-190
Door Edge Guard 08P20-TLA-200
Door Visors  08R04-TLA-100
Engine Block Heater 08T44-SNA-101
Front Grille (Lower Trim) 08F21-TLA-100
Front Grille (Upper Trim) 08F21-TLA-200
Hood Air Deflector 08P47-TLA-100
Illuminated Door Sill Trim 08E12-TLA-100
Interior Illumination 08E10-TLA-100
Interior Panel, Blue Accent 08Z03-TLA-100
Moonroof Visor 08R01-TLA-100
Rear Bumper Protector 08P01-TLA-100
Rear Seat Cover 08P32-TLA-170
Roof Rack Bike Attachment 08L07-E09-100
Roof Rack Kayak Attac 08L09-TA1-100
Roof Rack Short Roof Box 08L20-TA1-100
Roof Rack Ski Attachment 08L03-E09-100
Roof Rack Snoboard Attach 08L03-E09-100B
Roof Rack Surfboard Attach 08L05-TA1-100
Roof Rail 08L02-TLA-100
Running Boards 08L33-TLA-100
Splash Guard Set 08P00-TLA-100
Sport Exhaust Pipe Finisher 08F53-TLA-100
Tent 08Z04-SCV-100
Trailer Hitch 08L92-TLA-100
Trailer Hitch Ball, 1 7/8" 08L92-SCV-100A
Trailer Hitch Ball, 2" 08L92-SCV-100B
Trailer Hitch Harness 08L91-TLA-100
Wheel Locks 08W42-SNA-100
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