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2016 Honda Pilot - OEM Parts and Accessories

2016 Honda Pilot Parts and AccessoriesThe all new 2016 Pilot has, according to American Honda, been completely redesigned and re-engineered.

The first generation Pilot was introduced in 2002. The second generation was released 6 years later in 2008. While still one of the best selling SUVs in its class because of its renowned Honda reliability, the new technology, advanced safety features, and class-leading fuel economy of the 2016 Pilot will likely push it back to the top of its class.

American Honda describes the new Pilot as "a dramatic shift in design, while showcasing new standout technologies, versatility and dynamics currently unavailable in the mainstream SUV segment." Spy photos of the new Pilot show its current boxy look is being replaced by a rounder and sleeker look that is in keeping with Honda's forthcoming HR-V and its best selling CR-V.

The redesigned Pilot SUV is expected to launch at US Honda dealerships this summer. This high-end SUV will round-out the all-new family of Honda SUVs.

  • The mid-level entry in the Honda SUV family of vehicles is the recently redesigned 2014 Honda CR-V which earned the 2014 Motor Trend SUV of the Year award.
  • The brand new 2016 Honda HR-V crossover is the entry level member of the Honda SUV family. It will be released in the US this Spring.

Like prior Pilot generations, the 2016 Honda Pilot was designed and developed by Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Los Angeles and Ohio. The Pilot and its engine will be produced at Honda's Lincoln, Alabama plant.

Newly designed head lights on the 2016 Pilot
Newly designed tail lights on the 2016 Pilot
High-tech dashboard brings state of the art technology to the 2016 Pilot
Plenty of cargo space in the 2016 Pilot

As is typical of Honda, the specifics of its features are not released ahead of time - even to its dealers. As more details become available, we will make them available here. Or if you are from Massachusetts, you can contact one of our American Honda dealerships:

  Bernardi Honda Natick
960 Worcester Street
Natick, MA 01760

In the mean time, Honda has released a list of the accessories, listed below, to be available for the 2016 Pilot SUV and Bernardi Honda Parts has placed its order to ensure it can meet your Honda OEM accessory needs when the new Pilot begins shipping to US Honda dealers in late summer 2015.

Electronics 08V67-TG7-1003 0001 Back Up Sensors Gray
Electronics 08U35-TG7A-110 0003 Cargo Cover. Double Roller  
Exterior 08W18-TG7A-100 0005 18-Inch Alloy Wheels  
Exterior 08W20-TG7A-100 0101 20-Inch Alloy Wheels  
Exterior 08P17-TG7A-100 0103 All Season Floor Mats  
Exterior 08V67-TG7-1006 0105 Back Up Sensors Light Blue
Exterior 08V67-TG7-1007 0107 Back Up Sensors Dark Green
Exterior 08V67-TG7-1005 0109 Back Up Sensors Blue
Exterior 08V67-TG7-1008 0111 Back Up Sensors Red
Exterior 08V67-TG7-1004 0113 Back Up Sensors Silver
Exterior 08V67-TG7A-100A 0115 Back Up Sensors Attachment  
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1006 0117 Body Side Molding Light Blue
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1007 0119 Body Side Molding Dark Green
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1002 0121 Body Side Molding Black
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1005 0123 Body Side Molding Blue
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1003 0125 Body Side Molding Gray
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1008 0127 Body Side Molding Red
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1004 0129 Body Side Molding Silver
Exterior 08P05-TG7A-1001 0131 Body Side Molding White
Exterior 08P48-TG7A-100 0133 Bumper Applique. Rear  
Exterior 08U20-S9V-101 0135 Cargo Organizer. soft  
Exterior 08F57-TG7A-100 0137 Chrome Lower Door Garnish  
Exterior 08L04-TG7A-100 0139 Cross Bars  
Exterior 08U25-SNA-102 0141 Cupholder Ashtray  
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1006 0143 Door Edge Guard Light Blue
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1007 0145 Door Edge Guard Dark Green
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1002 0147 Door Edge Guard Black
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1005 0149 Door Edge Guard Blue
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1003 0151 Door Edge Guard Gray
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1008 0153 Door Edge Guard Red
Exterior 08P20-TG7A-1004 0155 Door Edge Guard Silver
Exterior 08T44-SNA-101 0157 Engine Block Heater  
Exterior 08U35-TG7A-100A 0159 In-Well Storage Divider. 4 pc  
Exterior 08P46-TG7A-100B 0161 Lower Bumper Trim. Rear  
Exterior 08L09-TA1-100 0163 Roof Rack Attachment. Kayak  
Exterior 08L20-TA1-100A 0165 Roof Rack Attachment. Roof Box. Mid  
Exterior 08L20-TA1-100 0167 Roof Rack Attachment. Roof Box. Short  
Exterior 08L03-E09-100 0169 Roof Rack Attachment. Ski  
Exterior 08L03-E09-100B 0171 Roof Rack Attachment. Snowboard  
Exterior 08L05-TA1-100 0173 Roof Rack Attachment. Surf  
Exterior 08L07-E09-100 0175 Roof Rack Attachment. Upright Bike  
Exterior 08L02-TG7A-100 0177 Roof Rails  
Exterior 08L33-TG7A-100 0179 Running Boards  
Exterior 08L33-TG7A-100A 0181 Running Boards with Light  
Exterior 08P32-TG7A-100A 0183 Seat Cover. 2nd Row. Lower Trim  
Exterior 08P32-TG7A-100B 0185 Seat Cover. 2nd Row. Upper Trim  
Exterior 08P32-TG7A-100C 0187 Seat Cover. 3rd Row  
Exterior 08P00-TG7A-100 0189 Splash Guards. Front and Rear  
Exterior 08Z04-SCV-100B 0191 Tailgate Tent  
Exterior 08L92-TG7Z-100 0193 Trailer Hitch  
Exterior 08L14-E09-101 0195 Trailer Hitch Attachment. Bike  
Exterior 08L91-TG7A-100 0197 Trailer Hitch Harness  
Exterior 08L92-S9V-100G 0199 Trailer Hitch. 1 7/8- Ball  
Exterior 08L92-S9V-100H 0201 Trailer Hitch. 2- Ball  
Exterior 08L92-TG7A-100A 0203 Trailer Hitch. Ball Mount  
Exterior 08L92-SJC-100A 0205 Trailer Hitch. Locking Pin  
Exterior 08R04-TG7A-100 0207 Visor. Door  
Exterior 08R01-TG7A-100 0209 Visor. Moonroof  
Exterior 08W42-TK4-100 0211 Wheel Lock  
Interior 08V03-TG7A-100 0213 Auto Day/Night Mirror Attachment  
Interior 08V67-TG7-1002 0215 Back Up Sensors Black
Interior 08V67-TG7-1001 0217 Back Up Sensors White
Interior 08U35-TG7A-120 0219 Cargo Cover. Double Roller  
Interior 08U35-TG7A-130 0221 Cargo Cover. Double Roller  
Interior 08P42-TG7A-100 0223 Cargo Liner  
Interior 08L96-TG7A-100 0225 Cargo Net  
Interior 08U45-TG7A-100 0401 Cargo Tray. Folding  
Interior 08P20-TG7A-100 0403 Door Edge Film  
Interior 08P20-TG7A-1001 0405 Door Edge Guard White
Interior 08V31-TG7A-100 0407 Fog Lights  
Interior 08P47-TG7A-100 0409 Hood Air Deflector  
Interior 08E12-TG7A-100 0411 Illuminated Door Sill Trim  
Interior 08P46-TG7A-100A 0413 Lower Bumper Trim. Front  
Interior 08P35-TG7A-100A 0415 Nosemask  
Interior 08U97-TG7A-100 0417 Steering Wheel. Heated  
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