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2014 Honda Urban SUV Accessories Parts

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Please visit the 2016 Honda HR-V page which describes the "Urban SUV" as it will be released in the Spring of 2015 by American Honda in the US

At the 2013 Detroit auto show Honda North America announced a new concept vehicle slated for production release in late 2014 in the US. The new Urban SUV concept is an addition to Hondas fuel efficient sub-compact lineup. The sleek new Honda concept features a clean exterior with hidden rear door handles, futuristic headlights, and flowing lines. In a press release Honda described it as “clean and sophisticated styling, dynamic character lines and a strong stance, with hidden rear door handles giving the SUV a coupe-like presence.” The model will also use Hondas Earth Dream Technology.

The new 2014 Honda concept car is smaller than the CR-V but makes the most of the space it does have. It features the Honda Magic Seat to maximize interior cargo space. The Magic Seat folds flat to expand the cargo area and also folds vertically to allow storage of tall cargo vertically. In addition to this the new Honda model will include a next generation technology package, although Honda has not elaborated on exactly what that will include.
The new Honda concept SUV will use Honda’s Earth Dream Technology. Automotive News states: “The new engines have direct injection and double-overhead cams. They will produce at least a 10 percent fuel economy advantage over Honda's current four-cylinders” This new engine technology was also named in WardsAuto 10 best engines of 2013. Honda Earth Dream Technology is currently available in the 2013 Honda Accord Hybrid.

The Honda Urban SUV concept vehicle has yet to be officially named by Honda, however it is expected to be released in Japan later this year followed by a late 2014 release in the US. The new Honda model is anticipated to be priced below the Honda CR-V. It will be manufactured in North America at Honda’s new Celaya Mexico manufacturing facility.

While specific dates have not been released by Honda for the new Urban Concept SUV, the new Honda concept vehicle is expected to be released in the US in late 2014. Bernardi Parts will stock a full selection of 2014 Honda Urban parts and 2014 Honda Urban Accessories when the innovative 2014 Honda Urban is available for purchase. For more information on parts and accessories for the 2014 Honda Urban SUV concept, please call the Parts team at Bernardi at 1-800-924-1884 or email them at [email protected].
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