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2012 Honda Civic Accessories and Parts

Honda Civic 2012 Concept Released

The Honda Civic Si Concept coupe and the Civic Concept sedan made their world debuts at the North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2011. The Concept vehicles offered an intriguing preview of the styling direction of the new, ninth-generation Civic.

This spring, the all-new Civic model range will arrive with unprecedented diversity, including conventional sedan and coupe models, sporty "Si" performance versions, as well as hybrid and natural-gas variants. The new Civic hybrid will feature a lithium ion battery cell, the first ever for a Honda hybrid. In another first for Honda, the Eco-Assist™[1] system will be available in most upcoming Civic models. Additionally, Honda is expanding retail sales of the natural gas-powered Civic GX model.

2012 Honda Civic Honda Rumors

As is usually the case when Honda redesigns one of their popular cars, minivans, pickup truck, or SUVs, Honda has not provided its dealers with any insight into what innovations will be introduced in the complete redesign of the 2012 Honda Civic. Bernardi Parts, owned and operated by Bernardi Honda in Natick, MA, has collected a summary of predicted innovations that 3rd parties have been published on the internet along with links to the original articles.

  • Commendation: The 2012 Honda Civic is the best car for you if you want the redesigned version of America’s best -- and best-selling -- compact car. It’s all new in style and specification for the first time since model-year 2006. The 2012 Honda Civic inaugurates the ninth-generation of the automobile that proves small-car shoppers recognize precision engineering and forward-thinking design -- and are willing shell out a few extra bucks to get it.
  • Competition. Mazda 3: This compact rivals Civic for driving fun but not quite for refinement or broad appeal. Next redesign will be for 2015 or so. Toyota Corolla: This resolutely conservative sedan is Civic’s perennial archrival for sales in the compact-car class but it no match for driving enjoyment.
  • Styling There’s an outside chance Honda would expand the line to include a small crossover-type wagon, but not before model-year 2013 or so.
    Coupe Styling: There is a good chance the 2012 Honda Civic coupe will continue with more aggressive sheetmetal than the sedan, a look befitting its younger buyer demographics.
  • Hybrid Styling: The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid will be Honda’s principal Toyota Prius-fighter. It’s a better match in size and price than the pure-hybrid Honda Insight. Honda hasn’t previously styled the Civic Hybrid to differentiate it drastically from conventional-powertrain Civics, but it could give the 2012 Civic Hybrid more visual distinction to better battle the space-pod Prius.
  • Mechanical: There’s also a chance Honda will see sales potential in topping the 2012 Civic lineup with a 220-plus-horsepower high-performance edition similar to the Type R model offered in Europe and Japan. It could also make the 2012 Honda Civic Si the first to offer an automatic transmission. Honda could decide to offer the Civic Hybrid with a traditional manual transmission, too.
  • Features: Honda could slip in a trim level between the DX and LX that would including air conditioning but stop short of full LX equipment. Civic’s available navigation system might migrate for 2012 to lower-line Civics. Or Honda could begin allowing buyers who don’t want the nav system to independently acquire satellite radio and Bluetooth cell phone connectivity. It could also extend availability of a USB audio interface for iPods and other MP3 devices to the entire Civic lineup rather than just the most-expensive models.
  • Pricing: Entry-level 2012 Honda Civic DX models should again start in the $16,000-$16,500 range. (Price estimates in this report include the manufacturer’s mandatory destination fee; Honda’s fee is about $710. Add about $800 if you want automatic transmission.) Volume LX versions of the 2012 Honda Civic probably will again be priced from around $18,500, EX models from around $25,000, EX-L models from around $22,500. Expect 2012 Honda Civic Si models to begin in the $24,000 neighborhood, with the 2012 Civic Hybrid starting around $25,000.
  • MPG: Look for 2012 Honda Civic DX, LX, EX, and EX-L models to beat today’s 26/34 mpg (city/highway) ratings and for Si versions to improve on their 21/29 ratings. Today’s Honda Civic Hybrid is rated 40/45 mpg (city/highway). The 2012 Civic Hybrid should beat those numbers by borrowing IMA advances pioneered by the latest Honda Insight and CR-Z hybrids. Primarily, the next-generation Civic Hybrid should become capable of running for greater distances on electricity alone and also could make use of lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and more powerful than today’s nickel-metal-hydride batteries.
  • Availability:Expect the 2012 Honda Civic in showrooms by early summer 2011
Left Lane News.com
  • Civic Hybrid Body While the camouflage is pretty heavy, we can see peeks at a new grille and headlights. The front end looks more upright overall as well. The doors also have some fresh character lines.
  • Civic Hybrid Engine The current Civic hybrid has a 1.3L i-VTEC 4-cylinder, mated to electric motors. We've heard that the Civic may move to the 1.5L-based hybrid powertrain setup also found in the CR-Z. This new Civic Hybrid may also be the first car in the lineup to receive the rumored, next-generation lithium ion batteries Honda has been working on.

2012 Honda Civic Parts and Accessories

Bernardi Honda will offer a complete selection of all available 2012 Honda Parts and 2012 Honda Accessories when the all now for 2012 Honda Civic is released. Preliminary informaton from Honda leads us to believe the accessories listed below will be the 2012 Honda Civic Accessories that are available upon the release of the all new 2012 Honda Civic.

Bernardi Parts guarantees that it offers the best price for all OEM Honda parts and OEM Honda Accessories on the internet when compared to prices offered by other authorized American Dealers. Bernardi offers all available Honda parts and all available Honda accessories for every Honda car, truck, minivan, and SUV that has ever been manufactured by American Honda.
PART Description Color
08A15-TR0-100 XM Satellite Radio Non-NAVI Trims Only
08A15-0J1-100 XM Satellite Radio Antenna  
08B15-TR0-100 XM Satellite Radio Attachment  
08A31-0F1-000 2 Port Adapter  
08E91-E22-101A Remote Engine Start Base Kit Only A/T Vehicles
08E92-TR0-100 Remote Engine Start Attachment Only A/T Vehicles
08V03-TR0-100A Auto Day/Night Mirror w/Compass  
08V03-TR0-100 Auto Day/Night Mirror Attachment  
08E10-TR0-100B Ambient Lighting Kit, Blue LED Blue LED
08T44-SNA-101 Engine Block Heater Bracket #1 & #2 Req. for Hybrid
08T44-SWA-1A0 Engine Block Heater, Si  
08T44-TK6-100 Engine Block Heater Bracket Bracket #1 for Hybrid
08T44-TR0A-100 Engine Block Heater Bracket Bracket #2 for Hybrid
08P13-TR0-110 Floormats, All-Season Black
08P13-TR0-120 Floormats, All-Season Beige
08U45-TR0-100 Trunk Tray Black
08U45-TR0-100A Trunk Tray, HYBRID Black
08L96-TA0-101A Cargo Hook  
08L96-TR0-100 Cargo Net  
08V31-TR0-100A Fog Lights, 4D, EX-L & Hybrid  
08V31-TR0-100 Fog Lights, 4D  
08R01-TR0-100 Visor, Moonroof, 4D Dark Tint
08R04-TR0-100 Visor, Door Dark Tint
08P34-TR0-100 Car Cover, 4D Grey
08P35-TR0-100 Nosemask, Full, 4D Black
08U31-TR0-100 Cupholder, Rear  
08P00-TR0-100 Splash Guards, 4D Black (FR & RR Set)
08P00-TR7-100 Splash Guards, 4D Si Black (FR & RR Set)
08F10-TR0-110WH Spoiler, Deck Lid White
08F10-TR0-150SI Spoiler, Deck Lid Silver
08F10-TR0-160BK Spoiler, Deck Lid Black
08F10-TR0-170GR Spoiler, Deck Lid Grey
08F10-TR0-180LB Spoiler, Deck Lid Light Blue
08F10-TR0-190BL Spoiler, Deck Lid Blue
08F10-TR0-1F0RE Spoiler, Deck Lid Red
08F10-TR0-1H0BR Spoiler, Deck Lid Brown
08F13-TR0-110WH Spoiler, Wing White
08F13-TR0-150SI Spoiler, Wing Silver
08F13-TR0-160BK Spoiler, Wing Black
08F13-TR0-170GR Spoiler, Wing Grey
08F13-TR0-180LB Spoiler, Wing Light Blue
08F13-TR0-190BL Spoiler, Wing Blue
08F13-TR0-1F0DR Spoiler, Wing Dark Red
08F13-TR0-1H0BR Spoiler, Wing Brown
08P05-TR0-110WH Body Side Molding, 4D White
08P05-TR0-150SI Body Side Molding, 4D Silver
08P05-TR0-160BK Body Side Molding, 4D Black
08P05-TR0-170GR Body Side Molding, 4D Grey
08P05-TR0-180LB Body Side Molding, 4D Light Blue
08P05-TR0-190BL Body Side Molding, 4D Blue
08P05-TR0-1D0GR Body Side Molding, 4D Green
08P05-TR0-1E0RE Body Side Molding, 4D Red
08P05-TR0-1F0DR Body Side Molding, 4D Dark Red
08P05-TR0-1H0BR Body Side Molding, 4D Brown
08P05-TR0-1J0OR Body Side Molding, 4D Orange
08P20-TR0-110WH Door Edge Guards, 4D White
08P20-TR0-150SI Door Edge Guards, 4D Silver
08P20-TR0-160BK Door Edge Guards, 4D Black
08P20-TR0-170GR Door Edge Guards, 4D Grey
08P20-TR0-180LB Door Edge Guards, 4D Light Blue
08P20-TR0-190BL Door Edge Guards, 4D Blue
08P20-TR0-1D0GR Door Edge Guards, 4D Green
08P20-TR0-1E0RE Door Edge Guards, 4D Red
08P20-TR0-1F0DR Door Edge Guards, 4D Dark Red
08P20-TR0-1H0BR Door Edge Guards, 4D Brown
08P20-TR0-1J0OR Door Edge Guards, 4D Orange
08W16-TR0-100 Wheel, Alloy (16") Painted Silver
08W17-TR0-100 Wheel, Alloy (17") Painted Silver
08W18-TR0-100 Wheel, Alloy (18") Diamond-Cut Finish
08W42-SNA-100 Wheel Locks Chrome
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