Oil Filter Wrench

Honda SKU: 07AAA-PLCA100
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This Genuine Honda Oil Filter Wrench provides the best fit for the new smaller Honda oil filters such as the popular 15400-PLM-A02.

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Well worth it, as long as you always buy a Honda oil filter when you change your oil.
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No, I disagree. I paid $6.78 and bought the same thing at Pep Boys. This is not worth the money!
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Makes oil/filter change on my 2005 Civic a lot eaiser. Well worth the small invesment of money.Would recomend to anyone who does there own maintenance on there Hondas.
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I was using a strap wrench… Enough said…You got to have it!
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Makes the oil change so much easier, especially when the filter is hot. Well worth the expense.
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I have used the Pep boys version and found that it slips and rounds the end. I have the chain strap but the handle too long. The last oil change cost me hours trying to get a crushed oil filter off. I had to use a screw driver puncturing the vessel to turn it. I think I will be buying this!
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Makes oil changes a lot easier
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