Honda Hands Free Link (most models)

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The Genuine Honda Bluetooth® Hands Free Link allows you to operate your vehicle and use your cell phone safely. You can fully concentrate on the road while just talking and listening through the hands free speaker.

This product uses Bluetooth® wireless technology in a hands-free profiled cell phone and eliminates the need to hold a phone, wear a headset or earpiece or use an in-vehicle mounted handset to make calls.
  • Easy Voice Set-Up and One-Touch Activation
  • Industry leading Speech Recognition and Voice Dialing
  • Pairing for up to seven different phones.
  • Industry leading Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation.
  • Stores up to 32 differnet names (name tag) with 4 numbers per name (home, work, mobile, pager)
Required Installation Kits:
  • Accord Coupe and Sedan (08E02-TA0-XXX)
  • Civic (08E02-SNA-XXX)
  • Crosstour (08E02-TXX-XXX)
  • CR-V (08E02-SWA-XXX)
  • Element (08E02-SCV-XXX)
  • Fit (08E02-TK6-130)
  • Odyssey (08E02-SHJ-XXX)
  • Pilot (08E02-SZA-XXX)
  • Ridgeline (08E02-SJC-XXX)
Fits: 2008-2010 Accord Coupe & Sedan, 2009-2010 Civic (not for Hybrid), 2010 Crosstour, 2009-2010 CR-V, 2003-2010 Element, 2009-2010 Fit, 2005-2010 Odyssey (not for the LX), 2009-2010 Pilot (Non-Touring) and 2006-2010 Ridgeline.

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New odessy book on blue tooth installation sucks.Honda help line says my blue toothwill not work and does not show a list of phones.
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What a great sounding system! When I tell people that I’m talking to them from my car equipped with a hands-free device, they don’t believe me. It has a very good noise canceling feature that works very well. I’ve installed it into my 2007 Sport Fit…not supposed to fit…but I’ve modified it ever so slightly. I needed to remove the 8-pin connector(s) off of the supplied harness (to the fuse box) and installed a 5-pin connector. The pins did not need to be changed, just removed two pins/wires and transferred them to a 5-pin connector housing, into pins 1 and 3. Then all I needed to do, was inserted a 20A fuse into slot 20. Now I’m legal!
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I ordered it and it works great, eventhough I was told by my local dealer that it would not work on a 2005 Honday Odyssey Touring. Just don't forget to order the attachment kit that goes along with it.
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