Honda Factory Performance Emblem Badge Kit (HFP)

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Genuine Honda Factory HFP (Honda Factory Performance) Emblem Badge Kit for your vehicle! This is the actual chrome, black & red emblem from the HFP kit, not an aftermarket rip-off! The emblems measure 3 1/4" x 1" for the exterior and 2 1/4" x 3/4" for the interior and come with factory double-sided tape on the back.

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put my honda factory performance badges on my 2009 honda fit sport. looks great and people ask me about it all the time. a real eye catcher!
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I put these on my 2008 Honda Element and gained over 50 horse power! They look fierce and now people are scared to race me! Who needs aerodynamics when you have these? Thank you for a fantastic product Bernardi!
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I love it! It looks great on my Pilot even though I don't have the HFP kit. But now, people think I do! Thanks Bernardi!!!!
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Placed where the civic instructions were and on rear right of my Fit.
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I got these from my 2008 Accord. I put the interior decal on the left front fender. I received many comments how great they looks. I do get people trying to race me because of the decal at the back. I just act cool. Excellent product!
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bought 6 of these and put them all over my windows. Very stylish and have gotten a lot of comments!
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