Honda Dual Pump Fluid II (Crosstour, CRV, Element)

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Genuine Honda Dual Pump Fluid II is the rear end fluid used on Crosstour, CR-V and Element 4WD models.
  • Developed exclusively for the Crosstour, CR-V and Element Dual Pump rear differential
  • Provides required co-effcient of friction for proper operation
  • Superior lubrication qualities with selected additives to reduce noise and wear
Price for one quart of fluid

Recommended drain plug washer with fluid change
  • 94109-20000 quantity required is 2
  • CR-V 2012+ requires 1 of 90471-PX4-000 and 1 of 94109-20000
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Honda recommend replacing the rear differential fluid every 20,000 miles (not the interval in the manual). that's basically what the first reviewer said.
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Lasts only 15,000 miles per Honda bulletin, sole sourced product by Honda, no way to recycle this one of a kinda fluid to protect the environment!
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Not sure what the previous reviewer was talking about. I went to my dealer and read the service bulletin re this new fluid, and all it said was that it is compatible with the previous fluid. There was no mention that the service interval was changed.
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