Honda Auto Day/Night Mirror with Compass (Accord, Civic, Insight, Ridgeline, Pilot)

Honda SKU: 08V03-SDA-100B
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The Honda Auto Day/Night Mirror with Compass helps reduce the glare of bright headlights behind you - without changing position!
  • Automatically Adjusts for all light conditions, and easily replaces the standard mirror.
  • Compass is included, to make using maps and following directions even easier.

Requires Attachment Kit:
  • 08V03-SDA-104 for 2006-2007 Accord VP, LX, SE models
  • 08V03-SDA-101A for 2006-2007 Accord EX models
  • 08V03-SNA-100 for 2006-2011 Civic (does not fit the 2006-2007 Civic DX)
  • 08V03-TM8-100 for 2010-2011 Insight
  • 08V03-SJC-102 for 2006-2008 Pilot
  • 08V03-SJC-101 for 2006-2012 Ridgeline

Customer Reviews

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I love the Day/Night mirrow. I works very well and I don't have to keep flicking the mirror at night. The compass seems to be accurate and easy to read. However, the attachment to the windshield occasionally comes loose and I have to reattach it. Althought not difficult, it is a pain. The base of the unit where it attaches to the windshield is bulky and awkward. It should be a smoother, sleeker firmer attachment.
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Install was easy. Sturdy mount with accurate compass and good dimming. Disappointed in the mirror coating which went completely "grainy" at about 14 months. I expect better from Honda.
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